Browserless Docs

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Browserless let’s you control how Chrome is started via query-string parameters. This is useful in cases where you might need to start Chrome at a certain width and height, or need to use a proxy for visiting pages behind a firewall. Browserless (both hosted and self-hosted) lets you send launch arguments by specifying them as query-string parameters.

Launching with a proxy


You can start Chrome and have it issues requests via a proxy by using the query-string parameter of --proxy-server=${server}. This will have Chrome issues requests through the proxy server as opposed to issuing plain network requests.

NOTE: If using an authenticated proxy, where you must provide a username and password, refer to your libraries documentation on how to handle this.

Starting Chrome setting width and height


You can also specify the dimensions Chrome should start with via the --window-size parameter. The value here should be a string of X and Y dimensions which translate to width and height (IE: ‘800,600’).

Other parameters

By default browserless looks for query-string parameters beginning with -- and passes them to Chrome upon boot. This means that most flags are supported even if they aren’t documented.