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Version: v2

Pyppeteer (Python) - UNMAINTAINED


We suggest not using this library anymore as it is now unmaintained, please consider playwright-python as an alternative

You can use your existing python infrastructure today with browserless by using Pyppeteer, an unofficial python port of puppeteer.

Below is a small example of getting started:

import asyncio
import pyppeteer

async def main():
browser = await pyppeteer.launcher.connect(
page = await browser.newPage()
url = ""
await page.goto(url)
values = await page.evaluate('''() => document.querySelector('h1').innerHTML
await browser.close()


This will simply navigate to the example website and return the title, however it'll give you a great starting place for using Pyppeteer alongside browserless.

Be sure to let us know if you have questions or issues.