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Version: v1

/pressure API

The pressure API allows you to retrieve the current metrics of your worker(s) and is only available for dedicated and self-hosted accounts. This API is different to the metrics API since the pressure API only returns one object (the current metrics) whereas the metrics API returns a collection of all the metrics data with one week of history.

Check out the pressure API schema defined in our Swagger page.

Gathering metrics from your workers

To see statistics regarding your workers, simply issue a GET request to /pressure:

curl -X GET \

Remember that running this in the browser will expose your API key!

Running this cURL request will result in an output like:

"date": 0,
"successful": 0,
"queued": 0,
"rejected": 0,
"unhealthy": 0,
"memory": 0,
"cpu": 0,
"timedout": 0,
"totalTime": 0,
"meanTime": 0,
"maxTime": 0,
"minTime": 0,
"maxConcurrent": 0,
"sessionTimes": [0]